Auction School: Western College of Auctioneering is not currently an approved auction school in the State of West Virginia.

State Auction License Required: Yes.

State License Required for Online-Only Auctions: Yes, if auctioneer and/or assets being sold are located in the state of West Virginia. Contact the Department of Agriculture for specific details.

Minimum Age: 18 years old.

School/Apprenticeship Required: Yes.

Bonding/ Insurance: $25,000.

Licensing Period: One year, expires December 31st.

Continuing Education Required: Yes, six hours annually.

Fees: Exam $50, License/Application $100, Renewal $50.

Reciprocity: Contact state agency for details.

State Auctioneers Association:

State Real Estate Contact:

State Agency Contact:

West Virginia Department of Agriculture-

Auctioneer Program

1900 Kanawha Blvd., Room E-28

Charleston, WV 25305


*Courtesy in part of: The National Auctioneers Association

Auctioneer License Requirements by State

In the United States, auctioneer license requirements vary from state to state. Please visit our Auctioneer License Requirements by State page for additional licensing laws and auction resources for each state.