What are filler words? An auctioneer’s chant is very unique to each individual auctioneer. Similarities in sound and composition can be found among auctioneers and are typically based on the geographic region where the auctioneer is from and/or the training the auctioneer has received.

There are two main parts of an auctioneer’s chant. The monetary amount already bid and the monetary amount the auctioneer is asking for. Once that is established, auctioneers use small words and short phrases, commonly referred to as “filler words,” in their chant to maintain rhythm and market the product or asset they are selling. 

An auctioneer’s filler words may include:

  • Go
  • Dollar
  • Now
  • Give
  • And
  • Bid
  • Say
  • Here
  • Down
  • Bidder
  • And A
  • Go The
  • Bid The
  • Say The
  • Make It
  • I’m Bid
  • Is Bid
  • Dollar And
  • Dollar Bid
  • Over Here
  • Over There
  • Dollar Now
  • Will You Go
  • Will You Give
  • Bid’em At
  • Will You Bid
  • Will You Give
  • Dollar Bidder Now

The key to an auctioneer’s chant is communication between the auctioneer and bidders. Clarity is essential and the speed of the chant varies, in large part, due to the product being sold and an auctioneer’s ability to communicate with those bidding on the product.