Frequently, auctioneer one liners are short jokes or witty remarks, commonly referred to as one-liners, to connect with their bidders and create the optimum bidding experience.

The key to an auctioneer’s chant is communication between themself and the bidders. Clarity is essential and the speed of the chant varies, in large part, due to the product being sold and an auctioneer’s ability to communicate with those bidding.

Examples of auctioneer one liners are:

  • Don’t hesitate, participate
  • I like it and so should you
  • You’ve liked them all day
  • This is where it turns into pure fun
  • I’m your financial adviser
  • Water’s warm
  • This thing is as handy as a pocket on your shirt
  • That’s the sizzle on the steak
  • You’ll wish you did later and it’s too late then
  • It takes two to tango
  • Pretty good for that kinda money
  • Let’s go to the bank
  • Ask and you shall receive
  • Deal of the day
  • Money will do you no good where you’re going, you’d better spend it here today
  • Don’t stop to think now! We left common sense behind a long time ago

If you have others, contact us and we will add them to the list!