Becoming an auctioneer can be a very rewarding and lucrative career. You can adapt it to fit your lifestyle, interests and way of life.

How To Become An Auctioneer:

  1. Attend auctions and observe how they are conducted. If possible, introduce yourself to the auctioneers and learn about them. Make sure to ask them questions.
  2. Research state or provincial licensing laws and find out the requirements to become an auctioneer in your state or province.
  3. Attend auction school. Auction school is a critical step in accelerating your auction career. At auction school you will learn industry best practices from leading auctioneers, business professionals and public speakers. When researching schools, find a school that will invest in your success as an auctioneer. A school that is taught by qualified instructors, offers a quality education, limits the class size so that students receive one-on-one time with each instructor and provides students with tools to start their auction business after graduation.
  4. Apply for your license by contacting your state or provincial licensing boards to obtain necessary licensing.
  5. Practice makes perfect both in your auction chant and your business practices.
  6. Join professional associations. Professional auctioneering organizations exist both on the state, provincial and national levels and are a great resource for education, networking and many other resources.
  7. Build a business plan. Your business plan does not need to be long and in-depth. It will provide you the opportunity to think about and document the direction you want your auction career to take.
  8. You are now an auctioneer! Enjoy the journey. Strive for excellence and professionalism in all that you do!