Acclaimed classical pianist and composer, Vladimir Samoylovich, was often heard telling his students, “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice.” Similarly, psychologist Anders Ericsson, popularized the concept that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be an expert.

Learning to be an auctioneer is no different. Those wanting to better themselves and become experts in the auction industry must practice drills and exercises regularly. They must push themselves to learn and become increasingly more effective in everything they do.

Many auctioneer practice drills and practice exercises exist and each auctioneer finds those they prefer. Below are practice tools we recommend in auction school for our graduates and all auctioneers to use.

  1. Yes Tape from auction school. This tape has pre-recorded ringmen turning in bids and allows you to sell as bids are being turned in.
  2. Tongue Twisters from auction school.
  3. Number Drills from auction school.
  4. Virtual Auction Software from auction school.
  5. Record yourself and review the audio. Critique the areas of improvements and strengths.
  6. Listening to others with the understanding that you never want to directly copy another auctioneers chant, but you can study other auctioneers and learn from them.
  7. Record yourself and review the footage. Watch and learn from your body movements and how you conduct yourself.  
  8. Metronome downloaded onto your phone or computer will assist you in keeping your rhythm.
  9. Repeat words over and over, as well as numbers or phrases that you are struggling with or just learning. This creates muscle memory and quickly makes those words, numbers or phrases much easier to say.

Work on these auctioneer practice drills and you’ll be on your way to a successful auction career!