Western College of Auctioneering was founded in 1948 by Bill Hagen and Norm Warsinske, both highly regarded auctioneers in their time. In 1951, Bob Thomas bought Norm’s share of the business and he and Bill Hagen ran the school together until 1983 when Bill retired and sold his interest to Bob. In 1984, Jerry and Gayle Ellis purchased WCA from Bob Thomas.  They successfully operated and expanded the school until 2013 when they retired and sold WCA to Nick Bennett. 

WCA has developed a proud history across North America and around the world. With over 6,000 graduates from every state in the United States, multiple provinces in Canada and numerous foreign countries, WCA has long been a highly regarded educational institution for those studying the auctioneering profession. 

WCA staff take deep pride in developing auctioneers. WCA is proud to note that many International, National and State Champion Auctioneers started their careers at Western College of Auctioneering.