This was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I really recommend that anyone come to this school. I met some really great guys and I’m sure they will be friends for life.

Cole Mettler | Mahto, SD

WCA was an unparalleled and life changing experience. I felt that each instructor was truly invested in our potential and success. WCA was so well organized, professional and of the highest quality. The WCA team cultivated an encouraging atmosphere and made you feel as though you were part of the family. I believe it provided me the best possible introduction into the auctioneering industry.

Jenna Golden | Palm Desert, CA

I really liked having all the different instructors and their viewpoints.  I will recommend WCA to anyone I can!

Colter Boehm | Juneau, AK.

After years of formal education that includes undergraduate and graduation studies coupled with military and professional training, I can’t recall having participated in a more comprehensive and practical course. The WCA provides all the tools and resources necessary to ensure students’ success in the 21st century auction industry.

Sheldon Mudd | Battle Mountain, NV.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I first signed up to WCA. Being here has been a great experience and one that I will never forget. I feel like I have a solid foundation that I can continue building on. All of the instructors have been great and have helped give me the skills I need to succeed.

C.J. Page | Mack, CO

Through the guidance of WCA instructors and the WCA cadence, I was able to rebuild my chant and push my own limits. I have the confidence to push myself to one day be the WLAC champion. Thank you for giving me the drive and platform.

Jake Wade | Laurel, MT

I found WCA to be an incredibly inclusive & supportive place to learn. All the instructors are super helpful & passionate about their craft. Truly an amazing experience.

Tyson Roberts | Quesnel, BC

As a career coach, I fully endorse WCA as a vocational school. Small class sizes, individual attention and diverse curriculum from many of the world’s award winning champion auctioneers and instructors make this a rich career path option.

Pete Durkee | Canby, OR

A huge variety of information. I came in expecting to learn one thing and came out learning more than I ever expected.

Seth Pifer | Larimore, ND

It is the best auctioneering class out there. I learned a lot, had tons of fun and met tons of people from all over the world.

Kelton Meno | Grantsville, UT

I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in the field of auctioneering! Great staff, tons of information in a low pressure surrounding.

Nick Dunton | Cody, WY

I’ve been planning on coming here since I was about 8. Glad I finally did it! Great school, great classmates, and great instructors!

Colter Klemm | Powell, WY

I’m so grateful to be a part of the WCA group. I’ve learned so much and made so much progress with my rhythm, cadence, style & speed. Every instructor shows different styles & ways to help you grow. I’m receiving a graduation certificate allowing me to go into the world with confidence, basically telling me to go be great. I love you all, thanks for the chance & experience!!!

Trevon Young | Memphis, TN

WCA will truly challenge you to be the best auctioneer you can possibly be. It’s a great place to network with other people of similar mindsets in the industry. 

Austin Schmitz | Malone, WI

I feel blessed to be a part of such a great school. Every instructor handled themselves professionally. They are truly second to none. I’ve learned so much over the last few days. I can’t wait to try out my new found profession in the real world.

Micah Montgomery | Elizabeth, AR

I didn’t know if I really wanted to be an auctioneer when I first got here. Once I was here for a couple of days I got hooked. I had no clue how fun it was to rattle off numbers.

Quaid Ericsson | Woodward, OK

Incredible week! One I will cherish for the rest of my life. I truly appreciate all of the shared knowledge, wisdom & advice. I’m forever grateful for the constructive criticism.

Kody Miller | Bruce, SD

I signed up a week before class started and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I have been able to do so because of the great staff here. I had no foundation walking into class and now, leaving here I have a great foundation for a chant. The WCA team is doing amazing things here and I hope you all will keep going for future auctioneers.

Alex Wesley Veon

Thank you for the last few days experience. I appreciated the labor of love for auctioneering which you and all involved naturally come by and teach. This absolute sincerity is not common in today’s world.

Jon Brown | Chickasha, OK.

I can confidently say this was a life-changing experience. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, and their passion for teaching was evident! The curriculum was well structured, covering a wide range of relevant topics and practical skills. The attention to detail and attention and support I received was second to none. I’m grateful for the networking opportunities WCA provided! If you’re looking to gain valuable skills, expand your knowledge, and jumpstart your career, this school is definitely the way to go! Thank you for the life changing educational journey.

Gerald Smiley | Seattle, WA

WCA helps all levels of auctioneers. The instructors take the time after class to help at an individual level and adapt their teaching style to your level of experience.

Mckray Duncan | Ferron, UT

This school turns out more winners than any other for a reason. The teachers are winners, so you are learning from the best in the business.

Champ Edmunds | Darby, MT

Nick, I just wanted to drop a note and say how pleased I was with the course at Western College of Auctioneering.  Your school was recommended to me by three local professional auctioneers.  I showed up at the school and was worried that I would be just sitting in a classroom listening to lectures all day long.  What I found was dynamic speakers each day that were not only successful auctioneers in the industry, but great teachers that interacted with all of us throughout the day on an individual basis.  I’ve never had days fly by so fast.  My first night home, I was tossed up on the stand by a local auction company and had a blast selling and interacting with the crowd using the skills taught at the school.  I will certainly recommend WCA to others.

Todd A. Mason | Chehalis, WA.

Here at WCA I have had the time of my life. I met some of the most genuine people ever. The instructors are not only past world champs or just great auctioneers, but they are great people. I loved it. It’s not only about the auctioneering too, as the school helped me learn about the markets and appraising. 

Cody Tupper | St. Onge, SD

I came into class to learn the business side of auctioneering. I had a small idea that maybe I could be on the block. By the end of the second day I was already planning how to introduce my new skill to my community. Thank you for building my chant and my confidence.

Heidi Foy | Casper, WY

My time at WCA far exceeded my expectations. The gradual build up to bid calling left me with a great foundation that I can fall back on. The instructors at WCA are top notch and provide a broad, well rounded view into the auction industry. I was focused on one sector of the industry coming in, and I have walked out with an open mind of the endless possibilities in this diverse industry.

Justin Uhrig | Hermosa, SD

Great experience! I learned a lot and made great connections. I look forward to continuing my auctioneer path with the network of industry leaders built at WCA!

Dallas Rasmussen | White Sulphur Springs, MT

Nick Bennett and the rest of the WCA staff operate a top notch school. They try to provide you the tools to hit the ground running.

Billy Peterson | Star Valley, WY

WCA is the go-to school. The instructors are exceptional at educating people with or without auctioneering experience.

Cannon Cook | Greybull, WY

I have had one of the most amazing experiences of my life at WCA.  I came here to learn about the auction business but I have learned so much more.  Not only about the auction craft but life long lessons about conducting myself in any business I choose.  My classmates have become my friends and are some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Karl Anderson | Bertha, MN.

The auctioneer business is much more than I anticipated. I came here with the intent of learning how to chant and work an ag sale. I’m leaving here with an education that provided more useful information than my MBA courses. Great teachers, great experiences, and transformation of information.

Tim Young | Roosevelt, UT

WCA is a great school. I appreciate all the activities involved and all the people that taught me the true way to be an auctioneer. I will refer this school to everyone I can because I don’t feel there is a better one. thank you for everything, WCA.

Bryton Oedekoven | Nisland, SD.

Each day spent at WCA was jam-packed with incredible instructors, each adding their own helpful advice. Our time here was well spent, each day teaching us just how far our minds could stretch.

Juliana Sullivan | Clovis, CA

What a great course and life changing experience. The instructors were all very knowledgeable. Nick Bennett is a great guy and a good friend. I really liked the instructors willingness to help and that they were happy to give out their phone numbers to help down the road when needed.

Joel Nightingale | Scio, OR

My experience at WCA was outstanding.  I really appreciated the instructors and the professionalism but still being able to keep it fun.  Also, the openness of the instructors with offering their phone numbers and their willingness to help students anytime was appreciated.

Leon Birky | Halsey, OR.

Nick Bennett and instructors at Western College of Auctioneering are second to none! They are passionate about teaching and the craft. 

I am walking away from this course with more than just the fundamentals of being an auctioneer.

Howard Hunt | Yuba City, CA

I was blown away by my experience at WCA. I had zero experience in the auction industry prior to attending the live course. Nick Bennett should be commended on the care he takes with each student. Every instructor brought a different element to the course. This course definitely stretched me out of my comfort zone. I would 100% recommend WCA to anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of auctioneering.

Steve Dawson | Los Angeles, CA

Going to WCA, I was expecting to just improve my chant and leave. They tore my chant to the ground, and I was grateful! I was able to rebuild my foundation based on clarity, less filler words and rhythm. Furthermore, I am really appreciative of WCA for adding guidance, goals and plans for my life!

Dexton Lake | Bringham City, UT.

One of the most intense but rewarding experiences of my life.

Corin Canen | Glendive, MT

Western College of Auctioneering is the best auction school to go to. The instructors here are the best in the business. It really shows by how passionate they are when it comes to instructing new auction students.

Carlos Ramirez | Katy, TX

I learned more than I ever expected. The instructors were all so knowledgeable. I would recommend this class to anyone that has ever had a slight idea that they want to be an auctioneer. I am part of the family now.

Brian Avelar | Buhl, ID

WCA is an incredible auction school. Not only did I learn about all aspects of the auction industry, I received personal instruction and was given the tools to take home and practice to get better. I also made some wonderful friends along the way. What a fun experience!

Jessie Hoover | Clinton, LA

The content of this course covered everything I wanted to learn. Online auctions were covered extensively. It opened my eyes to other avenues for making money in the auction industry and as a graduate I feel like I have a leg up now. The instructors are diverse. They taught me stage presence, how to relax, be myself and learn to breathe. I would recommend WCA to anyone seriously interested in being an auctioneer.

Dixie Wiley-Johnston | Richfield, UT

I personally believe that WCA has truly set the bar for every auctioneering school in the world.  They have a team of instructors that are world class and are specialists in their field of instruction.

Rick Klatt II | Woodland Hills, CA.

The instructors inspired me to be passionate. They helped instill a love for the auction industry in me. I’m excited to use the skills I learned in the real world!

Wesley Floyd | Dumas, TX

Over all WCA was one of the best opportunities I’ve had. Met some great friends. The staff, Nick, and the instructors are all top notch people. I would certainly recommend the Western College of Auctioneering. 

Drake Morrow | Opp, AL

Really enjoyed the smaller class and how personal it was.  Life changing!

Shannay Roman | Loma, CO.

 Let me start by saying that this class was amazing.  From the day I picked up the phone and called for information, I was impressed.  Friendly and professional – all the way through the course. The instruction was not only based on bid calling but the internal working of each type of auction.  Accommodations were 5 Star in my eyes.  Kind and courteous staff went the extra mile.  Breakfast was always ready early for the early risers.  Thank you Western College of Auctioneering for an amazing and well taught class.

Bill Demers | Rochester, WA.

From the first day of class the organization and content had been extremely well thought out and organized. Every day was filled with professional instructors of whom have been world champion bid callers. The expertise and attention to details by all the instructors was exceptional.

Paul Rogers | Everett, WA

I went to another auction school five years ago and honestly practice every day since attending school. I felt like I didn’t have the education and tools I needed to succeed as an auctioneer so I enrolled at WCA. I am now leaving WCA with 100% more confidence than I have ever had in my aucitoneering ability and now know that I DO have everything I need to succeed as an auctioneer! THANK YOU!

Byron Rentfrow | Cottage Grove, OR.

The caliber of instructors is phenomenal.  Overall quality and depth of instruction far exceeded my expectations.  I recommend WCA to anyone looking to further their knowledge and education regardless of their experience level.  The relationships formed are worth the cost of tuition alone.

Aaron Tenney | Kimberly, ID.

Amazing class! I learned so much to improve my chant that will help further my auction career. 

Dustin Christenson | Port Orchard, WA

Stellar course in preparing students with the tools this multi faceted niche market requires. Most of all the program provided a foundation for building a long-lasting career in this ever changing profession. The investment will pay off! As I start my career as an auctioneer, I need a tool box of resources to help me build my base. WCA has done this for me. Sold! WCA was a great investment.

Sarah Mackay | Seattle, WA

All of the instructors on the team are extremely professional. The support & kind criticism that came from everyone has been extremely helpful in making my chant strong and making my 20-year-old dream come true. These people are some of the most professional people I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with.

Clinton Twitchell | Wellington, UT

Wow, what a week it has been! I never thought so much progress could be succeeded so quickly.  The instructors are the best in the world. I wish I would have overcame my fear of speaking in front of others and applied for school years ago. They’ve put me on the path of a life long dream. I can’t say enough great things about this experience. 

Lane Foxwell | Edgerton, AB

I came to WCA wanting to learn a bid calling chant and left with so much more. I feel like we have gotten the information applicable to every facet of the auction business.

Mike Jardine | Sutherlin, OR

I came to W.C.A. wanting to learn a bid-call chant and left with so much more.  I feel like I’ve gotten the information applicable to every facet of the auction business.

Mike Jardine | Sutherlin, OR.

I am very impressed with the quality and expertise of instructors at WCA and the amount of time that each instructor spent with me.  This course gives you all the tools you need for success in the auction industry.

Micah Whiteclay | Crow Agency, MT.

WCA has a group of instructors that are second to none. All together it was a very pleasant experience that I will remember for a lifetime. I would recommend WCA to anyone. There is something there for everyone.

Colt Nygard | Elgin, TX

Nick has assembled a cadre consisting of the best of the champion level auctioneers along with a proven and winning formula for building well-rounded auctioneers that are capable of starting, operating and growing an effective auction business in any segment of the auction market space.

Matt Manley | Florence, MT.

I came to WCA a boy with a dream but I left a man with a passion for bid calling. 

Myles Goodman | Calgary, AB

Very good instructors; I learned tons. Thanks! I would recommend this school to anyone and everyone! Job well done!

Wade Affleck | Billings, MT.

Overall, AMAZING. Such a great in person course for 4 days. On the second day my brain was full, but I pushed through, and it was amazing. My classmates are now like family. The instructors are amazing. Each one brings their own art and their own chant and it’s nice to see the different styles. I wish I had done this 10+ years ago. This was a fun class and 4 days isn’t enough with the friendships created! Thank you!

Hasten Warnberg | Little Falls, MN

The Western College of Auctioneering allowed me the opportunity to learn bid calling the “Correct Way,” from true professionals in the business. I came to school with selling experience but quickly learned I had developed some bad habits that I really needed to change. I was able to make those changes and construct a solid chant that I can now build upon! What a phenomenal set of instructors!

Collin Gibbs | Miles City, MT.

I was incredibly happy with all the work and passion from the staff. The time, encouragement & passion were evident and made me better every day.

Jamie Parks | Lynden, WA

The WCA methodology of teaching the art of autioneering is very sound.  I’m amazed at how fast my skills improved.  I was challenged to push my skills each day and each instructors tips and tricks helped to hone my chant.

Dan Nygaard | Bellevue, WA.

I’ll always be humbled that I belong to such an elite group of people being a WCA graduate. For anyone on the fence about being an auctioneer – take my advice – and do yourself the favor by enrolling. It’ll change your life for the better. Most precious experience of my life was my time here.

Danny Pask | Prince Albert, AB

This has been the most humbling yet exhilarating experience of my auction career. The wealth of knowledge passed along by the world class instructors was simply amazing. It was incredible to not just simply be in the presence of some of these world class bid callers, but they instruct in a manner that lets you know they genuinely care about your success. There is not a single person in the auction profession I wouldn’t recommend this course to. Thank you so much for the experience.

Cody Peterson | Avon, SD.

110% satisfied with my experience at WCA. You get real feedback from real experts all while learning at your own pace. Great individual work in Option B and I love that we start with a solid foundation.

Blaine French | Lincoln, NE

The Western College of Auctioneering has inspired me since I first heard about the program! I knew I wanted to auctioneer on the side, but after attending WCA, I am determined to start my own auction company. I would have no reservations about recommending the Western College of Auctioneering. My 10 days at auction school have been an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Clay Terrell | Murfeesboro, AR

The WCA is where it’s at! The instructors are first class and world class, and they take their knowledge and break it down in a way that you can understand. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the auction business.

Josh Poland | Carstairs, AB

Prior to enrolling, I compared WCA’s course content with that of every other auction school across the country.  The versatile and extensive course load at WCA surpassed the other schools BIG TIME!  Once in the class, I was excited to experience classes being taught by the best of the best!  Instructors were extremely qualified and motivated.  The quality of the training has exceeded my expectations and instilled the confidence I need to become a successful auctioneer.

Tim Alward | West Memphis, AR.

What a world class group of people. I was skeptical coming to this college, but was overwhelmed with support from all of the instructors and my classmates. I have learned more than I ever could have imagined. I would like to thank all of them for all of their help and support.

Jordan Kostek | Crosby, ND

I would absolutely do this again! The instructors are phenomenal and truly want you to succeed.

Casey Baumgartner | Bismark, ND

This course sets itself apart due to its ability to help with improving bid calling skills as well as enhancing communication and life skills. 

Justin Uhrig | New Underwood, SD

This course opened my eyes to not just auctioneering and calling the bids but the actual business and how you can branch off and different ways to earn a living.

I never thought I would make the friendships I did with my fellow students. The instructors are incredible and have incredible knowledge. This is one big family I’m proud to be a part of.

Blane Friesen | Mirror, AB

I came to WCA with 37 years of being raised in, growing up in, and working for a livestock auction. I thought I knew the business except for starting the cattle and auctioneering. I learned so much more about the auction business than I ever dreamed was possible. I will be a greater asset to the business, the customers, and the community than I ever would have been without WCA.

Tadd Mann | Amarillo, TX

Great course, I would recommend it to everyone and anyone. Since I’ve come here I have realized that this is what I want to do and I have a strong passion for it. I told some family and friends this was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Trey Ulmer | Mobridge, SD.

WCA is the best auctioneering school in the U.S. The caliber of instructors supersedes all others.  If you are looking for the best education with the best quality, there is no other place to go!  The ties and kick start you receive from WCA are astronomical.  I am proud to call myself a graduate of Western College of Auctioneering!

James P. Hutzler | Mesa, AZ.

This class has really opened my eyes to auctioneering as a career.  There are so many facets of the business that I never thought of.  Bid calling is only one piece of the puzzle.  I recommend this experience to anyone interested in the auction business.  The instructors are among the best in their respective fields.

Ken Fredericks | Billings, MT.

My time at WCA was life changing! The quality of the instructors is second to none, and the friendships that I gained are priceless. From the bid calling to the business aspect of the auction industry WCA has not only created a great foundation to build from but has also sculpted me into much more than just a great auctioneer.

Keegan Elder | Wetaskiwin, AB

OUTSTANDING!!  Great group of instructors that really help you succeed. I would recommend WCA to any person wanting to go into auctioneering.  Thanks for the great time and life lessons.

Curt Westland | Belle Fourche, SD.

WCA exceeds any of my expectations. This school brings in the best professionals from the industry who are willing to share their years of experience.

Ferron Lucero, Jr. | Stephenville, TX

The instruction was outstanding, above and beyond what I expected! The friendships and networking were priceless. I strongly urge anyone interested to attend!

Clark O’Donnell | Alzada, MT.

I came to WCA to learn to be an auctioneer. I left with that knowledge and so much more. I am forever grateful. WCA is a great school! Thank you! To my classmates, you’ll be family forever!

Gee Scott | Kent, WA.

From the first day, WCA proved to be a great experience!  I had no idea that the subject matter would be covered in such depth.  The bid calling sessions were high energy and I found myself looking forward to the next one.

Dan Ankarlo | Denver, CO.

I had so much fun learning the way WCA teaches. All the bid calling and interaction with the other students was fun and challenging. I wish I would have done this years ago. I highly recommend WCA!

Allison Anderson | Delta, CO

I have never taken a course so well structured, educational and taught by such an incredible lineup of instructors!  Thank you!

Gregg Matney | Lusk, WY.

The instructors are fun, friendly, and encouraging. You will come as strangers with your classmates to leave as family. The style of WCA is like nothing else. The information is second to none. I had no idea how in depth it would be and how much I would enjoy it. I will never forget my time at WCA and I feel that I have the tools to start a new craft and become successful in it.

Matt Griffin | Hayden, ID

I researched ten different auction schools before picking this one. I feel, if anything, it was more of a value than I thought when I enrolled. I definitely made the right choice.

William Milliken | South Portland, ME

Choose WCA because of its reputation. Very professional and courteous instructors that build you a base of auctioneering physically and mentally and are very encouraging every day. I had a lot of fun and it exceeded my expectations. I would recommend WCA for everyone!

Randy Kilback | Mandan, ND.

My time at WCA was incredible! The instructors are second to none and the courses open your mind to the growing world of the auction industry. Coming out of WCA I now have the skills to be a professional in the industry. 

John Baier | Provost, AB

Wow, what a week! All of the instructors were amazing.  I don’t regret coming to WCA for a second and I know all of my classmates would agree.  I have a new family here.  WCA makes the auctioneer learning experience educational, inspirational and last but not least… fun!! Thank you.

Cody Kirschbaum | Bloomington, WI.

I came here to improve my rodeo announcing skills and am leaving with that as well as with an interest in expanding my services into the charity, farm and contract auctioneering fields!

Sam O’Rourke | Porcupine, SD.

I’ve learned so much in one week. Everyone was very supportive and helped evolve by bid call. Our instructors were very consistent and brought fun and energy to the classroom. It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I took the opportunity to attend.

Carson Stevenson | Hobson, MT

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and pure passion that each instructor presented to myself and my classmates. The interactivity, the communication and the learning process are all phenomenal. I recommend WCA to anyone looking to become an auctioneer.

Clay Bixby

The Western College of Auctioneering provided great collaboration with world class instructors, friendly students, and exceptional content. I thoroughly enjoyed the progress I experienced as well as my classmates.

Drew Mickey | Taylorville, IL

This class has instructors who really know the business and are willing to pass that knowledge on to others.  Good Class!

Bill Weaver | Cheyenne, WY.

It was an honor!  Thanks to each and every one of my classmates and instructors.  While it’s true that I’m a much better auctioneer, moreover, I feel like my time at WCA has made me a better dad.  A better husband. A better person.  True Story!

Andy Nation | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

This course was amazing. The instructors were fantastic and covered material in depth and helped answer questions for the students. There is so much more involved in the auction industry than I ever imagined. I can’t wait to put these methods to work. I should have come years ago.

Colton Pickett | Caldwell, ID.

WCA has been an outstanding experience.  This school has brought together some of the best instructors throughout the auction industry.  Their background, skill and willingness to teach could not be more inspiring.  Along with improving my bid calling skills, I now have the necessary information to guide me in my auction career.

Richard Bell II | Pass Christian, MS.

From ringing to bid calling, WCA is top notch and changed my life.

Josh Couch | Enloe, Texas

At 54 years old, it takes a lot to impress me. This did! I’ve been to auctions all over the country as a buyer… Livestock, horses, trucks, machinery, farm sales, and  I had no idea about the unlimited business possibilities. Re-inspiring an old guy isn’t as easy as it sounds. Thanks Nick and all the instructors at WCA. 

Kail Mantle | Three Forks, MT

I came to WCA knowing a little about the auction business and mainly focused on livestock. My eyes were opened to more markets than I ever knew existed. Now I am going home with the knowledge and ability to be great and make a living doing what I love.

Bo Bragg | Wynnewood, OK.

My 10 days at WCA has been indescribable . This was the most challenging yet enjoyable 10 days I have ever experienced. The tools we have obtained will forever change our lives and give us the ability to be professional auctioneers.

Zach Rincker | Strasburg, IL

My WCA experience has been awesome. I have wanted to attend auction school for at least 20 years. The WCA chant and method of teaching is very clear and precise. The depth of the instructors was much more intense than I expected! I could not believe that World Champions were teaching my class! I loved the enthusiasm of the instructors!

Debbie Singleton | Bridgeport, TX.

This course was worth every penny! Having never been to an auction, I had no idea what to expect in this course. The material cover, the ‘world champion’ experience of the instructors and the education received during this course was invaluable.

I feel a tremendous amount of pride in having sat in the same chairs of the WCA graduates of the past. I am proud to be part of the tradition and family.

Andy Atkinson | Boise, ID.

WCA was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.  The instructors were great and the closeness and support of our class is something that I will never forget.

Kit Bowerman | Issaquah, WA.

Thank you and the whole crew of WCA for a great experience for myself. The four days were awesome and I feel like I could have taken in a few more for sure. I would personally like to thank you, for helping me get my chin/head up and projecting my voice as well as overall confidence.
Thanks again for a GREAT experience and it was my pleasure to get to meet all of you at WCA as well as other great instructors.

Jon Craft | Broadus, MT

WCA was a life changing experience. The week was filled with exciting new challenges & a deeper appreciation for the craft of auctioneering. The entire staff was so kind & encouraging. They layered the learning & pushed us when we needed a nice nudge.
I’d highly recommend WCA. It’s apparent from day 1 that they clearly have decades of experience. Personally, I was impressed that there were several women on staff to learn & grow from. That meant a lot to me.

Stephanie Vigil | San Diego, CA

I had zero experience in the field of auctioneering prior to attending the WCA & I feel that I’m leaving with the tools necessary to begin my auction career.

Eric Schafer | Owaneco, IL

I wanted to learn the auctioneering skill and business the correct way. I was not disappointed. I’m glad I finally found the time to attend WCA and learn from such a respected and knowledgeable staff. Great Fun!

Scott Chauvet | Lewistown, MT

Coming from England, I really didn’t know what to expect at WCA, especially with such different selling techniques used at home. However, I was able to grasp the American selling techniques from the experienced class instructors and encouragement from classmates. By day 10, I really feel like I learned a huge amount about the auctioneering bid calling process and the industry itself. I believe I would be unable to gain this experience in the UK, and therefore I am extremely grateful to be able to attend the WCA. Many thanks to all the instructors for helping me gain this life time experience at the WCA.

Tim Kivell | Devon, England.

Western College of Auctioneering has assembled an all-star cast of auctioneering talent and incredible depth of experience in the instructor core. The tradition of great education continues under Nick Bennett’s leadership, sharp wit, and dedication to the auction industry.

Jeremy Hamel | Puyallup, WA

From the minute I walked into the classroom to the last time I stepped out, my mind was stimulated and challenged to the max.  We received instruction from some of the most enthusiastic educators I’ve ever met in my life.  These men and women showed me a passion not only for auctioneering but for life in general.  I came here with the intentions of auctioneering being a secondary income but now I am leaving here with the intentions of pursuing this as my full time career.

Shawn Wilkinson | The Dalles, OR.

The WCA is top notch. Ever since I was a little kid, about 4 years old, I have always wanted to sell livestock for a living. This class really brings out the best in people. No matter how much experience a person might have the instructors here in Billings really do bring out the best in people. I would recommend this class to anyone who has any interest in any niche of the auction business.

Cooper Champneys | Kimberly, ID

I have enjoyed the class immensely. I am leaving with new tools I know I will be able to apply.

Parè Abbott | Chichester, NH

When I made the decision to go to auctioneer school, I wanted to attend the best school. Through computer searches I was always steered towards WCA as the one to attend. After completing the course, I was not disappointed. Excellent instructors and lots of one on one instruction.

Doug Ward | Mabel, MN

My experience at Western College of Auctioneering has been unbelievable.  There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how great this school is.  I believe that to be the best, you have to learn from the best! At Western they go a step further and bring in the best of the best!  It is easy to learn in such a friendly and positive atmosphere! It doesn’t matter if you are doing drills or auctioneering, everyone is made to feel comfortable.  This school is definitely the right first step into becoming a successful auctioneer!

Blaine Molstad | Midale, SK.

The WCA Auction School has truly been an eye-opening experience. I have been around auctions & fundraisers for years. My eyes have been opened to the many opportunities in this industry. The knowledge that was shared by staff and instructors was very professional & very much appreciated. I will no doubt use this foundation of knowledge to further my career and share with my network of friends, colleagues & clients.

Scott Martin | Elkin, NC

I have been longing to attend WCA for many years. I was so busy in life & business that the last 20 years passed me by. At 51 years old the only regret I have is that I didn’t attend your school years ago. You all have been so awesome and uplifting to work with & learn from. You have all given us the tools to work with. The only thing stopping you now is yourself! Again, thank you all for the wonderful experience.

Jeff Nelson | Wolf Point, MT

When some of the best bid callers in the industry are your instructors, they lay the ground work for you to be great. The instruction and material is the best out there.

Preston Dunn | St. John, KS

WCA has been an amazing experience… fantastic instructors, great information and great classmates.  This class was way beyond my expectations. I never expected all the other money making opportunities in the auction industry.  My improvement in my confidence has been the most rewarding part for me.  I am glad to have been part of this class.  I recommend to all! 

Jan de Leeuw | Red Deer, AB.

The instructors teach you more than just a fancy chant. They break you down to the basics and build you up the correct way quickly. I really enjoy the different styles of instructors.

Joe Schonert | Baldwin, ND

I came to WCA with no prior bid calling experience & I was not sure what to expect. I could not possibly see how I was going to be able to sell items at auction. After this course I am confident I can conduct my own auction. The instructors are knowledgeable & able to personalize the instructions as required to fit each individual.

Logan Hopp | Rosemary, AB

I came to this class wanting to come out an auctioneer. This class not only taught me to be an auctioneer, but taught me so much more about business and life in general.

Cole Morrison | Cottonwood, CA

WCA is a great way to learn about auctions. It’s hard at times, and the instructors pull your inner self-confidence out and teach you that anything is possible. 

Dave Leu | Issaquah, WA

I went to the school and had no real expectations. I was blown away with the leadership and experience. The instructors took a very complicated, difficult topic and skill and made it simple and manageable!

Ryan Deskins | Rochester, WA

All instructors are excellent. They invested in me and my education.

Justin Chu | Flusshing, NY

Wow! What a remarkable experience this has been! My time as WCA has been nothing short of exceptional. If you’re looking for the best auction school in the country, look no further; you’ve found the best right here at WCA. The instructors are industry professionals and have mastered their craft. Each one has a passion for this industry and a passion for the students in class. I am forever indebted to WCA for all they have done for me.

Sam Dewiler | Flanagan, IL

WCA is a great place to improve your bid calling abilities, but it is about more than that. The instructors want to help everyone succeed. The instructors have become friends and mentors to me. I would recommend WCA to anyone who is interested in a career in the auction industry. 

Karl Anderson | Bertha, MN

I walked in having been to hundreds of auctions but I didn’t have any bid calling experience. I left with a great base to build on my bid calling and the basis for beginning to have my own chant. The time flew by. Classes were fun and instructors were all world class. I would recommend WCA to anyone wanting to learn auctioneering.

Mike O’Brien Los Gatos | CA,

I enjoyed my time at WCA immensely.  It was time and money well spent.  I came with an established chant and the instructors did a great job of breaking me down and helping me rebuild to a more professional type of bid-call.  I liked how instructors worked with each student individually at the levels each of us were at.  I loved the camaraderie in the classroom and working with such a diverse group of people.  I recommend WCA for anyone wanting to succeed in this profession.

Jonny Dick | Pinehurst, ID.

This has been the best experience of my life!  I am a changed person and have come way out of my comfort zone, which is good for me.  I love this school and all it’s done for me.  Thanks class #230 for making this experience so great!

Tayla Larson | St. Anthony, ID.

WCA was able to give me the foundation to build on to start a successful career in the auction industry. Each instructor brought a different perspective and expertise. There is no doubt in my mind that WCA was the perfect place for me.

Cody Nye | Alliance, NE

WCA is more than a school. It’s a phenomenal life experience. Anyone aspiring to be an auctioneer that attends WCA will absolutely attain the skills, confidence, and knowledge necessary to pursue a successful career in the auction industry.

Dayle Unruh | Saint Xavier, MT

I was privileged to be a part of WCA. The instructors are not only world-class auctioneers, but they are also great teachers. I learned so much about the auction industry.

Marcus Showalter | Bridgewater, VA

Academic content is excellent! Verbal drills and bid calling was excellent as well.  WCA exceeded my expectations in every way!

Dan Dohner | Salt Lake, UT.

The Western College of Auctioneering offers life changing education in auctioneering.  The world class instructors teach and challenge each student to grow and reach their greatest potential.  I left WCA with a passion for this profession.  The bid calling techniques are second to none and the heart and integrity of each instructor surpassed any expectation I had.

Gena Marie Williamson | Sylvan Lake, AB.

Being 18 years old I was really nervous coming to WCA but WCA and my classmates made me excited to learn about auctioneering and made me feel accepted. The courses made me feel ready to be an auctioneer!

Teresa Wald | Napoleon, ND

WCA was one of the most welcoming and educationally rich experiences I have ever gone through.  The several decade study of students’ abilities and preferences absolutely shines through.

Zach Goggins | Billings, MT.

I came here with absolutely zero auctioneering experience, and I know that I can go home to an auction and be successful.

Steven Edoff | New Underwood, SD

I came to auction school wanting to work on my chant and receive training on my numbers. We did that and but so much more. We went in depth on the business and things I didn’t realize would be covered such as as: body language, voice health, technology, insight into the auction business and all the branches, and also how to succeed in all aspects of the industry.  

Dusty Sill | Bridger, MT

I would recommend these instructors to the world. With a mix of old and young, we had a taste of 50 years in the industry!

Kelly Clarke | Lumsden, SK

This school undoubtedly provides the foundation to be successful in the auctioneering business.  It is worth every dollar… and a half!

Logan West | San Antonio, TX.

My experience at WCA was the most rewarding time I have ever had at a school.  It was as much educational as it was fun.  I came into WCA a mumbler and scared of public speaking, let alone selling.  Now I find selling in front of an audience more fun than anything else!  This was a once in a lifetime experience!

Denis LeBlance | Leduc, AB.

WCA is about more than auctioneering or bid calling. This course teaches you how to be a humble professional in situations that may come your way in the future. I highly recommend this school to those who want to learn from champions of the service industry.

Tyler Deaton | Ellensburg, WA.

WCA is a very educational experience.  I came here to get rid of my bad bid-calling habits I had developed from teaching myself.  The instructors helped me strip everything out and start from scratch.  Such a great experience.

Brent Kautz | Billings, MT.

I gained information, training and confidence to start working. The classes flew by. It was a great experience and I’ve made friends for life. I’m looking forward to making the most of this in my business.

Nancy Winings | Chambers, NE

An Elite opportunity and I am entirely thankful for everyone involved!

Garrett Lloyd | El Nido, CA

The course at WCA was fun, challenging, and comprehensive. I came wanting to learn a chant, that was certainly a big part of it. The course also gives you insight into the various types of auctions, styles of auctioneering, business aspects, laws and ethics of the trade as well.

The instructors at the school are truly world class. They give insight and individual instruction to each student. They challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone and support you along the way.

Steve Steele | Roughandready, CA.

Being the third generation from my family to study at WCA, I can not begin to explain what WCA had done for and means to the Spencer family.  I thank everyone at WCA for their 100% efforts in making me into not only a better auctioneer but a better person!  Know that when you choose WCA, you are choosing the best auction school in the world.

Mickey Spencer | Edmonton, AB.

WCA exceeded my expectations as all instructors were professional in both their appearance and demeanor. From the first day of class, the instructors inspired, motivated and challenged me to leave my comfort zone. Their constructive criticism was very valuable in stimulating me to become the best auctioneer I can be. This school and instructors set the standard!

Wilma Stone | Decatur, AL

“With excellence and professionalism these guys get you going on the right road to auctioneering. It’s more than just speaking fast, it’s about clarity & rhythm, which are the primary markers of WCA’s curriculum. Bringing in knowledge & experience from a plethora of good instructors working to make it adaptable to your learning style. They lead you down the right path in the trade of auctioneering. Well worth the investment.”

Joel Sewell

A WCA education will give you an overview of the exciting opportunities available in the auctioneering business.  You will build a solid foundation in bid calling and an understanding of all aspects of the auction industry.  As a WCA graduate, you can become a part of a network of auction professionals that facilitate the success of each other and the industry as a whole.  I am well prepared to succeed in this business as a result of attending WCA.

Lynn Dohner | Salt Lake City, UT.

In order to escalate to an appropriate and professional standard level, I knew I needed to learn from one of the best schools in the USA & in the world. The instructors are well versed in their craft and were able to translate their education clearly to the students. Coming all the way from Fiji Islands for auction school (minus the airfare) was one of the best discissions in my life. I’m grateful to learn, become educated, and enjoy the professionalism of WCA. This experience has broadened my horizon in the auction industry. Lastly, WCA offered me partial scholarship which I am grateful & thankful for. Thank you WCA!

P. Jerry Cataki | Republic of Fiji

WCA brought me out of my shell. It has made me more comfortable to get up to converse with a group of people. WCA has taught me how to become an auctioneer.

Suzie Hardenbrook | Baker, MT.

If you want to be an auctioneer, WCA is where to go. The course far exceeded my expectations and I can see why is has been the place to go since 1948. You learn how to be an auctioneer from knowledgeable, professional, championship auctioneers. You also learn about every aspect of the auction business.

Steve Evans | Santa Monica, CA

1300 miles away from home, I was weary about coming to Western College of Auctioneering. I was worried that I would be judged for not having a great chant. Boy was I wrong. The instructors are very welcoming, and they truly want you to succeed. They work with you, and stay patient when you mess up. The tools and foundation the school gave me will last a lifetime

Rhett Musser | Victoria, TX

As an auctioneer that has been out of auction school for 10+ years, I was hopeful to take my chant to the next level and refine what I’ve already built. At WCA, the one-on-one instruction was fantastic and catered to each person’s individual needs and goals. From the formula and build of the auction chant to breathing and delivery, it’s a whole package. I was able to leave with many tools and techniques to improve my chant and continue to better myself.

Ross Daniels | Humboldt, KS.

I had previously gone to a much shorter auction school and afterwards, I didn’t feel like I was fully prepared to participate like I would like to be. I was then told that if I wanted to have the best teaching and gain a ton of knowledge from some of the best auctioneers in the world, WCA was the best place to go. I can say this has held true. While at class I have learned an extensive amount about the auction industry and have had some amazing bid callers help me learn their craft.

Andrea Haugland | Crosby, ND

What a week!!  WCA and its instructors were absolutely amazing!  I think my classmates along with myself were challenged to the max from day 1.  WCA teaches so much more than just bid calling.  I’m leaving with the tools and knowledge to start an auction business in any industry I choose!

Josh Kuenster | Glenhaven, WI.

Like many before me, I came to WCA with a batch of bitter batter. Through the course, WCA’s incredible instructors and diverse curriculum taught me to buy a bit of better butter, and in turn, made some better batter. Be like me and buy a bit of better butter and put it in your bitter batter by going to WCA!

Graham Cook | Saskatoon, SK.

I attended WCA with lower expectations for myself. With the incredible instructors and curriculum presented, I left WCA with the skills necessary to pursue opportunities that will enhance the lives of others. There is no doubt I shattered that glass ceiling thanks to the professionals at WCA.

Matthew Denetclaw | Shiprock, NM

TIME WELL SPENT!  Thanks for sharing this knowledge.  WCA is a well run school and a wonderful learning experience!

Ted Carlson | Federal Way, WA.

The course was very intensive with excellent instructors and conducted in an extremely professional manner. Everyone, even those not interested in the auction business, could benefit from this course!

Marvin Rodes | McGaheysville, VA

WCA is run very well and teaches in a professional way!

Del Richards | Billings, MT.

I came not really knowing what to expect but it was really an eye opener. I’m leaving with a lot of tools to rebuild my chant. It was a very good experience and I’m glad I came.

Ben Crawford | Carthage, MS.

I learned so much at this school. All the instructors were amazing and very passionate about the auction business. They want to give you the tools you will need to be successful in this field.

Evan Hewett | Dunning, NE

WCA was more than I imagined.  It exceeded my expectations.

Bill Gibbs | Jordan, MT.

Very good program with lots of information.  I now have all the building blocks to make a good living in the auction business.  Thank you very much!

Tyghe Richardson | Auburn, CA.

This was a very good course with professional instructors. Students of any talent or previous experience (or not) are treated fairly and enthusiastically encouraged. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the auction industry, not just bid calling.

Michael Drotzmann

This has to be the most enjoyable class I’ve every been in. Instructors were top notch, very helpful along with understanding. Really broke us down to build us up even better. Enjoyed every moment.

Jacob King | Christianburg, VA

WCA was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences that I’ve ever had.  I feel completely different than I did just ten days ago when we started class, in a good way that is.  The training we received has been the best of the best.  I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience here even if I could.  The amount of confidence I feel now is more than ever!

Jessica VandenBrink | Buffalo, WY.

Where to start?  WCA left me speechless after 10 days.  Start to finish and everywhere in between, WCA was a great experience for me.  I came to WCA with previous selling experience, all of which was self-taught and came with bad habits and very little rhythm.  I appreciate how the staff took the time to start me from scratch, build a proper foundation, and help me move forward.

Garry Gross | Ponoka, AB.

I arrived at WCA a blank page, without an established chant, or any real understand of the impressive scope of the auction industry. I left with a toolbox full of useful information and contacts with a deep passion for the industry. Thank you to Nick, the instructors, and my classmates for an exceptional educational experience!

Glenn Wiens | Halbrite, SK

WCA was one of the best experiences of my life.  My only regret is not enrolling when I was younger.  Nick and his staff start students with the basics and by the end of the course, you are an AUCTIONEER!  Students become part of the auctioneer family.  All of my classmates became friends and it was great.

Gene Meier | Lewistown, MT.

Nick, I just wanted to drop a note and say how pleased I was with the course at Western College of Auctioneering.  Your school was recommended to me by three local professional auctioneers.  I showed up at the school and was worried that I would be just sitting in a classroom listening to lectures all day long.  What I found was dynamic speakers each day that were not only successful auctioneers in the industry, but great teachers that interacted with all of us throughout the day on an individual basis.  I’ve never had days fly by so fast.  My first night home, I was tossed up on the stand by a local auction company and had a blast selling and interacting with the crowd using the skills taught at the school.  I will certainly recommend WCA to others.

Todd A. Mason | Chehalis, WA.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always thought how great it would be to know how to auctioneer, correctly. As you get older, many people have bucket lists, and this school was at the top of mine. I’m so glad I pulled the trigger and made this a reality and will be forever grateful that the Lord directed me to my new friends & instructors at WCA. WCA is a perfect fit for me and my personality, and I’m excited to see what the future brings. The Instructors I met and the other students/friendships created will stay with me for the rest of my life. All the best to my new WCA family & to those I shared the experience with – I’m so happy for you as well.

Dale Mauk | Dallas, OR

The staff at WCA are truly world class and are masters of their craft. Many of the instructors have “champion” in their title, and they spend all the time you need to help you succeed! I can’t think of any other industry where champions work to help new people succeed and offer to help anytime. It’s almost like being welcomed into a family.  

Rex Korslien | Watford City, ND

I am very glad that I came to this school. I learned a ton. All of the people were super nice and fun to be around. Coming here made my bid calling so much better. It was great to learn about all aspects of the auction business. I would recommend this school to absolutely anyone. Thank You!

Kail Litchtenfeld | Platte Center, NE

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to WCA. What I found when I got here was amazing: literally world class instruction, a sound and well-designed curriculum, students that were engaged and eager to learn, and a whole world of opportunity I could not have imagined before attending.

Scott Carnz | Seattle, WA

A really well run college with dedicated instructors that have real life experience in the business.

Ferdinand Harkema | Ponoka, AB.

I was not planning on attending an auction school until a friend of mine, who is a champion auto auctioneer, Blake McDaniel, told me to consider WCA. I decided to give it a go, and I was glad I did. I never figured out my chant but I believe I now have the tools to obtain one. Nick Bennett, President of WCA, is very organized and runs a great school. It was a professional experience. I would encourage anyone to attend. It’s money well spent!

Barry Sempsrott | Trinity, AL

This was a great experience for learning and gaining confidence in my chant.

Zechariah Owens | Buffalo, WY