A Guide to Live Auctions

The heart of a live auction beats with the rhythm and cadence of the auctioneer’s chant. At Western College of Auctioneering, we pride ourselves on teaching the foundational elements of the live bid call, an iconic skill that merges rhythm, numbers, and persuasive communication to create an electrifying auction atmosphere.

The Essence of the Live Auction Chant

The live bid call, often referred to as the auction chant, is a skill that requires practice, precision, and a deep understanding of auction dynamics. Our 85-Hour Pre-Licensing Course is meticulously designed to imbue aspiring auctioneers with the prowess needed to captivate an audience and drive sales. This hybrid course blends online learning with in-person instruction, providing a comprehensive curriculum that prepares you for a successful career in both live and online auction environments.

What Our Live Auction Training Covers

Our live auctioneer training is comprehensive, covering aspects such as:

  • Conducting live auctions with confidence and control
  • Mastering effective live auction bid calling to maximize engagement and value
  • Navigating the latest online and technological advances in the live auction industry
  • Developing strategies for working with buyers and sellers in a live auction setting
  • Understanding the legal framework governing live auctions to ensure compliance
  • Crafting targeted marketing strategies for live auctions to attract a dedicated audience
  • Staying abreast of current market trends to anticipate the needs of the industry
  • Managing sale day operations to ensure a smooth and successful auction experience
  • Learning the specific terminology that resonates with live auction participants
  • Building a personal brand as a live auctioneer to stand out in the industry
  • Creating a robust business plan for your live auction services to ensure growth and sustainability

Whether you’re just stepping into the world of auctioneering or you’re a seasoned professional looking to elevate your live bid call, WCA offers a curriculum tailored to your journey. Our 85-Hour Pre-Licensing Course not only fulfills most state licensing requirements but also gives you a solid foundation in the art of the auction chant. For those looking to sharpen their skills, our Advanced Bid Calling Seminar is the perfect setting to refine your rhythm and enhance your presence on the auction floor.

Advanced Bid Calling Seminar: Elevating Your Chant

For auctioneers who have mastered the basics and are ready to refine their chant, our Advanced Bid Calling Seminar offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your skills. Geared towards experienced bid callers, this seminar delves into advanced techniques and provides personalized coaching to fine-tune your performance. Acceptance into this seminar is predicated on your desire to excel and your readiness to take your live auction chant to the next level.

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Embark on Your Live Auction Career with WCA

Are you interested in attending an auctioneer school? Western College of Auctioneering offers a number of courses that provide a better understanding of the live auction. If you are interested in learning the live bid call or intend to get an auctioneer license, our 85-Hour Pre-Licensing course is for you! Already a professional auctioneer, but looking to hone your chant? Learn more about our Advanced Bid Calling Seminar.

Enroll today and take the first step towards mastering the electrifying art of the live auction with Western College of Auctioneering.

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85-Hour Pre-Licensing

85-Hour Pre-Licensing

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85-Hour Pre-Licensing

Advanced Bid Calling Seminar

Individual and small group bid call training.

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