The Industrial Auctioneer Training Course is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the skills and expertise required to excel in the field of industrial auctions. This training course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential aspects such as auction theory, practical techniques, legal considerations, and business management specific to industrial auctions. At Western College of Auctioneering, our heavy and industrial equipment auctioneer course is taught by world champion auctioneers and industry leaders who know and understand the heavy and industrial equipment auction industry, inside and out.

Course Objectives

Understand the Fundamentals of Industrial Auctions:

  • Explore the history and evolution of industrial auctions.
  • Learn about the roles and responsibilities of an industrial auctioneer.
  • Gain insight into the legal and ethical considerations surrounding industrial auctions.

Develop Auctioneering Skills

  • Master effective communication techniques for engaging bidders and creating excitement.
  • Learn the art of persuasive auctioneering and effective bid calling.
  • Acquire the ability to accurately assess and appraise industrial equipment and assets.
  • Learn heavy equipment, industrial equipment, and auction terminology.

Comprehensive Auction Planning and Execution

  • Understand the key elements of auction planning, including inventory management, marketing, and advertising.
  • Learn how to conduct pre-auction inspections and manage bidder registration.
  • Explore strategies for conducting live and online industrial auctions.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Familiarize yourself with laws and regulations specific to industrial auctions.
  • Learn about licensing requirements, permits, contracts and documentation necessary for conducting auctions.
  • Understand the importance of adhering to ethical standards and consumer protection laws.

Business Management and Marketing

  • Gain insights into establishing and managing an auctioneering business focused on industrial auctions.
  • Develop effective marketing strategies to attract consignors and bidders in the industrial sector.
  • Learn about financial management, budgeting, and record-keeping practices specific to industrial auctions.
  • Learn current market trends.

Auction Technology and Online Platforms

  • Explore the use of auction technology and online platforms for industrial auctions.
  • Understand the benefits and challenges of conducting online auctions for industrial equipment.
  • Learn how to leverage digital tools for efficient cataloging, bidding, and post-auction processes.

Course Delivery

The Industrial Auctioneer Training Course is typically delivered over a period of several weeks, combining theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on training. The course utilizes a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, interactive discussions, case studies, and live demonstrations. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in simulated auctions and practice their skills under the guidance of experienced instructors. Additionally, guest speakers from the industrial auction industry may be invited to share their expertise and real-world experiences.


Upon successful completion of the training course, participants will receive a certification as Industrial Auctioneers, acknowledging their proficiency in auctioneering skills, knowledge of legal and regulatory aspects, and competence in conducting industrial auctions. This certification serves as a testament to their expertise and enhances credibility in the competitive field of industrial auctions.

The Industrial Auctioneer Training Course provides individuals aspiring to become industrial auctioneers with a comprehensive education and practical experience necessary to excel in the industry. By covering essential topics such as auctioneering skills, legal compliance, business management, and technological advancements, this course equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of industrial auctions. If you have a passion for auctions and a desire to succeed in the industrial auction industry, this training course is an invaluable investment in your professional development

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