Unlock the Potential of Fundraising and Benefit Auctioneering

Embarking on a career as a fundraising and benefit auctioneer opens doors to not just a rewarding profession but also a chance to make a significant impact in the non-profit world. The thrill of live auctions and the satisfaction of supporting noble causes is unmatched, and at Western College of Auctioneering, we’re here to guide you on your journey to become a successful auctioneer in the charity space!

Why Benefit Auctions?

Benefit auctions stand out as a rapidly expanding segment of the auction industry. They offer a unique blend of excitement, challenge, and the opportunity to contribute to the greater good. Whether you’re drawn to the auction world through a passion for livestock, automobiles, equipment, or personal property, adding benefit auctions to your repertoire can significantly enhance your career prospects and personal fulfillment. They provide an incredible opportunity to stay involved and give back to your community.

All that being said, you can absolutely make a full-time career focusing on nothing but fundraising and benefit auctions if that is where your interests and passions lie. There are plenty of very successful auctioneers in the industry doing just that!

A Stepping Stone for Aspiring Auctioneers

For newcomers to the auctioneering field, the benefit auction industry presents an accessible starting point. Almost every community has a small nonprofit or charitable organization in need of an auctioneer’s touch to elevate their fundraising efforts. This niche not only allows you to practice and hone your skills but also to build a portfolio of successful events right in your hometown.

What Our Course Offers

Our specialized course in benefit, charity, and fundraising auctioneering is led by world champion auctioneers and industry pioneers who bring insider knowledge and cutting-edge strategies to the classroom. Our auction course will provide the professional development you need to set yourself above the rest. Upon completion, you’ll gain a comprehensive skill set, to help you become incredibly successful.

In both our 85-Hour Pre-Licensing Course and our Auction Fundamentals Course, you’ll walk away with a strong foundation around:

  • Conducting impactful benefit auctions
  • Leveraging online platforms and technology to maximize fundraising success
  • Navigating legalities and contracts specific to charity auctions
  • Effective marketing strategies for yourself and your auction events
  • Working with buyers and sellers at fundraising auctions
  • Effective fundraising auction bid calling – yes, it’s different than a livestock, automobile, or personal property auction! (**the live bid call is only taught in our hybrid Pre-Licensing Course)
  • An understanding of the client consultation process and the questions you need to be asking
  • And much more, from sale day operations to clerking and cashiering

Beyond the Basics: Adapting to a Changing World

The landscape of fundraising and benefit auctions is evolving, with a growing emphasis on virtual and hybrid events. Our comprehensive curriculum goes beyond traditional auctioneering techniques to equip you with the skills needed to stay ahead, secure business, and foster client relationships. While the majority of benefits are conducted in-person, the use of technology for bidding, paddle raises, checkout, and silent auctions is becoming increasingly popular, and your clients will more than likely look to you for suggestions.

Join Our Community of Successful Auctioneers

By choosing Western College of Auctioneering, you’re not just signing up for a course—you’re joining a family of professionals dedicated to excellence and innovation in the auction industry. Complete your course and meet the designation requirements to unlock a network of peers, mentors, and resources poised to propel your career in fundraising and benefit auctions to new levels.

Start Your Journey Today

Are you ready to make a difference while pursuing a career you love? Apply now to start your journey into the rewarding world of fundraising and benefit auctions with Western College of Auctioneering.

Ready to Start Your Career in Benefit Auctions?

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Western College of Auctioneering offers a number of courses that provide a better understanding of the benefit and charity auction industry. If you are interested in learning the live bid call or intend to get an auctioneer license, our 85-Hour Pre-Licensing course is for you! Our Auction Industry Fundamentals course, a fully online offering, also provides sessions on benefit auctions.

85-Hour Pre-Licensing

85-Hour Pre-Licensing

Students learn all aspects of the auction industry and acquire the necessary tools to start their career.

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85-Hour Pre-Licensing

Auction Industry Fundamentals

This course helps students dive into the business behind the auction industry.

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