The auto auction industry has long held a certain appeal for many aspiring Auctioneers. Specializing as an automobile auctioneer can be a very rewarding career in both the auction and automobile industries.

At Western College of Auctioneering, our automobile auctioneer course is taught by world champion auctioneers and industry leaders who know and understand the automobile and car auction industry, inside and out.

Upon completion of our automobile auction school, you will have a full understanding of how to conduct, manage, and sell all niches of automobiles at auction including collector and classic car auctions, factory auto auctions, insurance auto auctions, dealer only auto auctions, and public automobile auctions. Our automobile auction school specifically covers the following areas of auto auctions:

  • How to conduct an automobile auction
  • Effective auction bid calling
  • Cutting edge online and technological components of the automobile auction industry
  • Working with buyers and sellers at auctions
  • Laws pertaining to auto auctions
  • Automobile auction contracts
  • How to market an auto auction
  • Current market trends
  • Sale day operations
  • Automobile and auction terminology
  • Auction clerking and cashiering
  • How to market yourself as an automobile auctioneer
  • How to market your auction business

Once you have completed your courses with Western College of Auctioneering, you might be asking “what are the best ways to break into the auto auction industry?”

Find a way in the door – period.

Becoming an office assistant, working in the title department, or as a clerk, are all ways that aspiring auctioneers can gain experience and knowledge. This can showcase enthusiasm and, in return, a new auctioneer can gain valuable insight in different areas.

When it comes to asking for a job, there are multiple ways to go about it. Try letting the person in charge of hiring know about your interest and availability. Timing and self-awareness are key, too. That doesn’t mean an aspiring auto auctioneer can’t take steps and be prepared for when the right time comes. Be available for opportunities to come in their own time and be open to the fact that something may not be available right now.

However, always keep a running conversation with your network, which can be built on non-working days. In fact, going in on non-auction days when people have time to meet, make an introduction, and discuss things in detail.

In addition to approaching auto auctions themselves, effectively networking through competitions and associations is a great way for new auctioneers to gain contacts or even a mentor. Go into those situations with the mentality of learning, networking, and trying to lift other people up.

Doing all of these things, however, still doesn’t guarantee a gig, especially when you’re brand new to the industry. Experience and loyalty built from that experience counts in a lot of places, which means it isn’t anything against the new auctioneer when a veteran won’t give them a chance. It’s more often that they don’t want to damage their hard-earned buyer and seller relationships.

Above all, the best advice is to always remember Auctioneers are the lowest on the totem pole in an auction room. That means listening to sellers and being careful not to prejudge a car on what you think it is worth – be fair and consistent!

This will cultivate a long successful career in the auto auction industry.

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