Our auction school tuition starts at $1,895.00. This course consists of 92 hours of hands-on bid-calling exercises and teaching seminars in-which you will learn best practices in all niches of the auction industry. A full breakdown of course material, hours, and cost options can be found on our detailed course page.

We offer a laddered enrollment platform so that you can customize your auction school experience. Option A is the full auction school course that all participants will complete.  Options B, C and D provide students with added learning opportunities and tools.  Students are able to adjust their option selection at registration if necessary.

  • Option A: $1,895.00 USD.This covers cost of tuition, all instructional materials and supplies, a lifetime refresher class, and a diploma upon successful completion of the course. Completion of this class meets all state specific requirements.
  • Option B: $2,695.00 USD. Option A plus three additional live auction experiences to be conducted during your ten-day course.  Live auction experiences will be instructed by world champion auctioneers and industry leaders and you will be working with other students who have also chosen this option. All auctions are live, public events that will give you irreplaceable experience and practice.  Option B is highly recommended for students looking to gain real world selling experience under the guidance of world class auctioneers.
  • Option C: $3,195.00 USD. Option A and B plus four additional hours of bid calling, business and auction instruction which is conducted in a small group setting to optimize your one-on-one instruction time.  Option C will be conducted directly after graduation and you will be working with other students who have also chosen this option. Students who choose Option C will be released at the end of the last day of class.  Option C is recommended for students who are looking for the optimum amount of personalized instruction time with world class auctioneers and industry leaders.