The many sides of an auction event


Once an auctioneer completes their required auctioneer training, it’s time to put their new skills and knowledge to work and start making money. There are many avenues for auctioneers to pursue. Many pursue auctioneer job openings with auction companies around their local area, state and country. Other auctioneers choose to pursue auctioneer jobs by¬†starting their own auction company, while others succeed at doing¬†both.

Successful tools and tactics to use when looking for auctioneer job openings are:

  • Joining the National Auctioneers Association where you can access their online job postings and network with companies with openings for auctioneers and other auction related positions.
  • Joining state auction associations and networking with with other auctioneers and auction companies.
  • Connecting with auctioneers in your local area who may need your services or can help recommend you to someone who does.
  • Participating in bid-calling contests to showcase your skills.

These are just a few examples of ideas to use. Please contact us at and we can help assist you in your job search.

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